Friday, May 16, 2014

Three Shifts from Reading 1.0 to Reading 2.0

Theoretical Shifts
  • From autonomous models of literacy to social models of literacies
  • From Web 1.0 (focus on consumption) to Web 2.0 (focus on production)
  • From websites providing information to social media platforms
  • From voices of authority (ie. Cliff Notes) to dialogic interactions (multiple interpretations)
  • From in-class community of readers to global community of readers
  • From institutionally generated content to user-generated content.
Pedagogical Shifts

  • From teacher as transmitter of knowledge to co-learner
  • From response notebooks to reader blogs and social networking sites
  • From in class literature study groups to online chat rooms and discussion boards
  • From putting post-its in novels to digital highlighting and commentary tools
  • From dictionaries on shelves to instant access to online reference materials
  • From close reading of written text to critical, analytical readings of multimodal texts
Textual Shifts
  • From print-based to web-based and digital texts
  • From written language (monomodal) to text with images, design elements, sound effects, video clips, and graphic elements (multimodal)
  • From ink-based text that is inflexible to digital texts that can be altered by size, font and orientation
  • From bold headings to hypertextual links

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