Saturday, May 17, 2014

Short Hiatus

I will be taking a brief hiatus from posting Picturebook reviews until mid-June. I have some writing to complete and some wine to drink :)

Friday, May 16, 2014

Three Shifts from Reading 1.0 to Reading 2.0

Theoretical Shifts
  • From autonomous models of literacy to social models of literacies
  • From Web 1.0 (focus on consumption) to Web 2.0 (focus on production)
  • From websites providing information to social media platforms
  • From voices of authority (ie. Cliff Notes) to dialogic interactions (multiple interpretations)
  • From in-class community of readers to global community of readers
  • From institutionally generated content to user-generated content.
Pedagogical Shifts

  • From teacher as transmitter of knowledge to co-learner
  • From response notebooks to reader blogs and social networking sites
  • From in class literature study groups to online chat rooms and discussion boards
  • From putting post-its in novels to digital highlighting and commentary tools
  • From dictionaries on shelves to instant access to online reference materials
  • From close reading of written text to critical, analytical readings of multimodal texts
Textual Shifts
  • From print-based to web-based and digital texts
  • From written language (monomodal) to text with images, design elements, sound effects, video clips, and graphic elements (multimodal)
  • From ink-based text that is inflexible to digital texts that can be altered by size, font and orientation
  • From bold headings to hypertextual links

Sunday, May 11, 2014

Dav Pilkey at IRA

Dav Pilkey delivered the keynote address at the IRA conference in New Orleans this morning. He talked about boys and reading, the importance of choice, Mad Magazine, and that struggling readers may love to read too, especially if we let them choose what to read. Great humor.
His website is full of fun and information: